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Perth custom stairs

By Finesse is a leading manufacturer of stair treads and staircases, designer doors and custom home interiors. Our experience of over 15 years in the timber flooring industry has taught us that the usual techniques used in creating staircases, particularly out of prefinished engineered boards, were inadequate. These techniques used substitute materials, which meant that colours rarely matched, and the final product was not uniform throughout. This rarely achieved the desired outcome and led to poor customer satisfaction.

Our technique uses the original flooring boards of the house rather than using sub materials or other batches of timber. This method of using the original boards to create staircases is second to none and sets us apart from others.

We have developed innovative techniques to manufacture treads from any engineering/solid flooring material from any manufacturer. In addition to creating faultless treads, we can incorporate LED lighting for an especially striking look. This has been so well received that we currently manufacture these treads directly for floorboard manufacturers locally and interstate.

Our passion and desire to create led us to develop our floating stairs that have acquired engineering certification. They are unique in their design, as they do not require any steel to be chased into the wall cavity.

Using our certified system we can directly connect each stair to any brick/concrete surface. The wire balustrade opens up the view of the staircase, creating a visually impressive feature in any home.

Constructing the staircase in this manner leads to a reduction in waste material and a smaller ecological footprint. This further allows us to make feature staircases affordable to the greater population.

Using state of the art European machinery, 3D software and having an architect and engineer on our team we strive to find solutions to some of the problems that have existed in the industry.

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